Deep-dyed guideline to persuasive essay writing for beginners

Every student wants to score high grades in academic writing. Therefore, students work hard and try their level best to learn all the academic rules and apply for those roles appropriately. Doing so may sound simple, but the fact is it is not as simple as ABC. Especially when it comes to composing a persuasive essay, it becomes tough for students to do so. These students at times consult an legit essay writing service to help them out with this form of writing. 

A persuasive essay is a genre of essay that has an excellent unique importance in the educational career of students. Teachers give assignments composed on persuasive topics time after time. Mostly, students at the initial stage of academic writing strive hard to write a handy persuasive essay.

One reason why a student confronts problems to compile this specific genre of essay is the hesitation to put pen on the paper. Consequently, such a student looks forward to a professional essay writer to ask him to write my essay for me. Thus, students must overcome the hurdle of hesitation. For this purpose, they must have absolute information about a persuasive piece of writing: its motive, importance, and meaning. If you’re looking for cheap essay writing service than look no further and send your essay details to 5staressays.

What is a persuasive essay, and how essay structure assists students in writing it?

Students often mistake inscribing useful information at the irrelevant place in the structure of the essay. For instance, defining the topic in the last paragraph of the essay will ruin the writing efforts of scribblers. So, putting the required information at the appropriate section of the essay is essential to make the content compelling and attention-seeking.

Firstly, students have to understand the demand for persuasive essays. It requires a writer to convince the targeted audience by presenting a solid argument to prove the stance taken regarding the topic's assignment is necessary. Moreover, a writer gets the liberty to mention its personal viewpoints, emotions, and feelings regarding its opinion.


It is the first section of the essay structure. The foremost requirement of this part is to put down the attractive opening statement. As this essay requires a writer to express its emotions and feelings related to the topic; therefore, the opening statement must also be emotional. For high quality research paper topics , contact our professional essay writing team.

Next, define the topic concisely. Furthermore, you must put forward the reason for compiling this particular essay.

Also, write a captivating thesis statement. Remember, it is the cornerstone statement of the essay. The upcoming text revolves around this statement. In short, it is the main crux of the statement. In persuasive essay writing, a thesis statement should reflect emotions and feelings. It may compose the primary argument that a writer marks down to support a writer's opinion.

Main Body

It is the section that requires a writer to illustrate only one side of the topic that is the writer's argument. A scribbler should express its feelings regarding the topic in detail. A writer must also give vivid examples, compelling pieces of evidence to support its opinion and feelings. It is notable that an author must avoid giving logical examples based on facts and figures in this particular essay.

This section should consist of at least three paragraphs. However, the number of paragraphs may exceed the limit of three if required by the topic' assignee. For better words counter for essays visit 5staressays.


Concluding remarks has to be precise not only in a persuasive essay but also in other essay types. No new idea or opinion should be mentioned in this part. The author must rewrite the thesis statement and recommend others to adopt your opinion regarding a particular topic's statement. This stage of the essay structure is very crucial as it is linked with the thesis statement of the introductory paragraph.

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